Do your own research

Do you trust the experts? Well, maybe you really shouldn’t. When it comes to getting stuck with a needle or swallowing and experimental pill blind faith in the experts is a foolish choice. Brian Stelter, the androgynous TV anchor, solemnly warned that no one should “do their own research.” He assured us that the likesContinue reading “Do your own research”

Anarchy and a spiritually empty generation

Spiritual emptiness is the catalyst for anarchy. Humanity longs for purpose and hope, which are the antidote for lawlessness. This nation’s growing moral debauchery tends toward feral action. This is seen in the vicious attacks and character assassination of anyone that does not accept collectivist thought. This tactic is seen in the media and universities where freedom is suppressedContinue reading Anarchy and a spiritually empty generation

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